Improving Athletes Race Experience

Interactive Course Maps, Elevation Training Tools & Interactive Race Results

Interactive Course Maps

Stop answering questions participants can find for themselves. Interactive maps provide course details, elevation, grade, "Follow the Course" animations, markers for key points, and downloadable GPS details.

Visitors can customize and get details from any segment of the race course - distance, GPS, elevation, max and min elevation.

Setup a "Custom Course", share it on Facebook for group activities, training segments, and favorite sections allowing more exposure to your Race Website.

Elevation Compare Tools

Give racers the tools to improve their training and perform better on Race Day.

Racers upload GPS from a training activity, then compare elevation on identical Elevation and Distance Scale.

Racers wont have to Ask or Guess what the elevation is like. They can compare the elevation gain or loss to what they train on regularly or find local route that matches the race course.

Interactive Race Results

No more lame text column race results like every other race.

Interactive charts, animated race performance, compare performance to friends and other racers, and "What If" performance calculator predicting where a racer would have placed with a given pace.

Set your race apart from the masses and give your particpants a way to remember their achievement.

Is your mind already made up? Fantastic!

About Us

We built these tools to solve our own training needs.

We have
products to engage
and enhance the experience.

While training for our first 100 mile run, we realized a few things:

Race maps are typically terrible. A PDF or image of a map is a terrible way to try to navigate a course and the written directions are even worse. We kept getting lost with directions like "Turn on the trail going off by the big pine tree." Somehow every trail spur was by a large pine tree.

We struggled to prepare based on the race elevation profiles. It looked like bike races, mountain runs, boston marathon, kids school 5k and every other race had the same climbs.

The typical race results leave a lot to be desired. We also got tired of taking the results, putting them in Excel to try to average, compare and get some details about our performance or how we would perform in an upcoming race based on last years results.

The results of our frustrations created the Elevate My Race Tools.

Never get lost, play with the course and its various details, get the data we want when and where we want it, easy GPS download, take a customized section of the course for a training run, compare our training runs to actual course elevations, and have way cool results that are fun to share and compare.

We are Athletes that happen to be programmers and hope our tools will help others prepare for races they never thought were possible.

Connect with Athletes PRE and POST event,
not just during

Interactive Course Maps

Fully Interactive, Create and download Custom Segments, Share on Facebook, Get details from any point on the course

Protect your limited Time.

Give registrants tools to answer their own course questions.

From Race Details to Custom Course Segments to Sharing on Facebook

Our Course Maps will enhance your registrants experience and bring that WOW factor to your Race Website.

Learn about the features and try the live Demo.

Training Tool

Upload your own Training Data to compare directly against Course Data

Actual race elevation chart

User uploaded training segment

Overlay courses on Training Tool
Same distance and elevation scales..

Don't leave your Athletes to Guess the Hill Climbs.

Let them know and train on Similar Climbs.

Interactive Race Results

Get your race details, compare to a friend, see the animated race recap

  • Visualize your Results

    Let your participants see and connect with their results instead of just reading a big table of text. Participants can compare, animate, predict, and connect with their results...

    Set your race apart from all the others and help your participants remember that...


We are confident. Because our happy clients speak for us.

  • Everything looks great, and the maps are killer.                                          

    Karl M.

    Race Director

    The tools work great with our new site. Thanks for your hardwork. It looks great.

    David T.

    Race Director

  • You have done an absolutely great job working with us to create something exceptional!

    Robert G.

    Race Director

    I love it. Exactly what we have been looking for.                                          

    George R.

    Race Director

  • Looks Great! Certainly easier than sending racers to a second party site (as I did last year).

    Jay B.

    Race Dirctor

    The elevation tool is awesome. I am out of state and couldn't get to the course. Thanks for helping to make my first 100 miler successful.

    Mark A.


Pricing Table

Course Maps


  • Fully interactive
  • Aid stations and other markers
  • Course GPS Required

Elevation Tool


  • Uploadable GPX Segment
  • Interact and compare to course
  • No bandwidth limitations

Race Results


  • Available at race completion
  • Overall and individual results
  • Never removed or deleted

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