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Course and Training Tools by ElevateMyRace

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Upload a GPS course (.gpx format)
Large files and GPX without elevation details will take longer. Please be patient

Upload a Custom Route. Click on the cursor icon from each of the elevation profiles to compare the segments below
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Course and Training Tools by ElevateMyRace

Course Maps and Custom Routes...

Tired of getting lost during training?
Download a Tailored Course Route

Want to know the distance between aid stations?
Create a Course Segment for Details

Have a sweet GPS unit and hate getting lost?
Download the GPS data from the course

    Zoom, move, and hover over aid station markers on the map to familiarize yourself with the course
    Select two points along the red course line or elevation profile to create a course segment and get detailed information about
      elevation gain
      elevation loss
      max elevation
      min elevation
    Once points are selected, click the red Download GPX Data button to get the selected GPS data
    Upload the file in your favorite GPS device and enjoy training on the course

Race Training

Can't get on the course to try the climbs?
Find your own identical climb

Curious how one race compares to another?
Overlay course segments

Wonder if your buddy is all talk?
Compare two climbs together

Whats GPX and why does it burn?

    GPX is a standard format for storing Longitude and Latitude points from GPS units. Many GPS units, programs and mobile apps have options for downloading a course. For instance, Strava Premium lets members s earch and download the GPS details from activities.
    That burning sensation is your muscles killing it on the course and the GPS unit recording it for use in the Compare Course Segments Tool

Now I have GPX, what do I do?

    Upload a GPX file of a course or training event
    Click the cursor icon of each elevation profiles to select the desired segment to compare
    Click the magnifying glass to zoom and move the elevation profiles for more exact capture
    Compare the elevation profile and distance of the chosen segments
    Grab and move the segments in the large comparison chart to fine tune the analysis

Feel confident in your training....

    And that your buddy is a wuss...

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